Love for Mad Men (but really it’s all about DD)

22 Feb

In response to a friend who sent me another writer’s thoughts on Madmen….

I write, therefore I have a sense of what is a compelling, engaging and entertaining story, and am qualified to judge story in all of it’s narrative forms: movie, television and book. As a writer, I understand the challenges of putting forth (or telling) a quality story in any form in a way that resonates with the general public since the public seems to only respond to the cheap dramatics of a fake reality that is marketed as the real.

Madmen is one of the rare knights that is able to successfully break through enemy lines, or to be more specific, the constant and seductive noise of all the crap that’s out there. It does this by placing faith in the viewer, believing that they can understand and relate to complex characters who are both ‘good and bad’, and in doing so, speaks to who all people really are.

Yes, it’s also a fascinating portrayal(and beautifully designed) snapshot of a ransformative time in our history, but what keeps viewers tuning in week after week is the way the characters pluck all of our innermost chords, so that they vibrate with our aliveness. In Madmen, we hear the loving, bright, horrific, ambitious, selfish, successful, lying, sexual, kind and intelligent song of ourselves, which is really the only one we ever want to really listen to in any narrative.

For we fascinate ourselves more than anyone every could, and Madmen takes us deeper into who we are, and then still further back into the decisions that led our nation to where it’s at today, for the better and the worse.


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