My House is Red & You’re In It

22 Feb

excerpt from a message I wrote in response to Jimi Hendrix’s Redhouse

I’m listening to Red House as I write this, and I listened to it last night before I went to bed. Last night I felt that the lyrics were superfluous; that the guitar spoke for Jimi, and it made me connect it back to you – how you say you express your emotions through music.

At times, when listening to this song, I felt that the band and Jimi disconnected; that they were working to keep up with his language, and he was leading the way; that they were doing all that they could to hold on and support his expression – toward the end, through Jimi taking a moment to quiet down, and potentially reconnect they all found each other.

It made me think about how disconnection is sometimes the point in true expression; to separate, to be fearless when you’re going down a creative path that you will not let your own aloneness or loss stop the exploration; that life is about getting lost, and it is in the diversions that you can find your way back with the certainty that you’ve always remained true.

It is so hard to be expressive and creative; it is so hard to remain true to your own personal path because all truth contains pain, and that true pain unmakes your own identity; that it takes you outside of language and thought.

These moment can be so frightening, so without light; that the rational part of how you view your own self can get so small, and yet loud, shouting, “no,” over and over again.

I think in nos we can find yeses, I think that people should not be so afraid of their own ugliness, and I am so grateful that music can at least bring people into these places even if it’s through their own subconsciousness intuitions and not through their authentic self expression.

That’s why I think we need more dancing and singing in life, I think that people could work on being wrong some of the time, or breaking the rules in a way that seems right for them.

A friend of mine is really into techno music right now, and a lot of people are like DeadMau5, Skrillx, Swedish House Mafia, etc.. My friend is an upper middle white class American male whose married in the suburbs, and I think he loves techno because he can lose himself in the music, and allow himself to not be himself, to thrash around wearing a ridiculous shirt and waving glow sticks – releasing that inner wild thing.

Anyway, the point of mentioning this is that I think that the Blues & Techno tap into that same pure emotional core that sits at the bottom of people, and both through percussion in different ways, providing the opportunity to express the inexpressible in the physical.

I think (at least in the US) techno has recently become so popular because there is all this bottled rage toward every single institution that has shaped the identity of our nation, and therefore, a part of who we are is so enraged at ourselves because we’re all responsible for its creation, and yet simultaneously do not want to deal with it – it is so overwhelming.

Techno not only provides escapism with the lights, confetti and excuse to do drugs, but also an outlet to put all that we cannot articulate, face and have no where to actually place….


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