Why I Blog

14 Mar

After five years of procrastination I’m finally starting this blog. As a writer, it’s been somewhat of an embarrassment that I haven’t had a blog. It’s like I’ve been writing in isolation and burying what I produce in a large hole in the ground, hoping someone will dig it up.

Why have I worked like this? Well, the simple answer is that I’ve been afraid of my own voice, of broadcasting my truth for potential judgment. I haven’t wanted to share what sits in my heart with all of you because exposure is extraordinarily frightening. When you write from the heart that’s what you’re giving to whoever stops by (and you can’t see your audience).

After five years of procrastination, I’ve decided to change. I’m going to use this space to share what I’ve learned, to talk about what it’s been like to get where I am and how I try to evolve.

I’m going to talk about how much of an effort it takes to be kind, to listen, to build a career, to fail, to learn. I want to share what I know about living, about how hard it is to be happy, and in between all of that I’d like to introduce my poetry and my stories because that’s all we really are.

To me, blogs are just another way to share our perspectives and stories. In these days of constant information sharing, we aren’t always aware that what we broadcast is our personal story; that the oral tradition is stronger than ever; that we have a desperate need to connect with one another, to be heard, and this is our humanity.

No other creature on this planet has the power of language like we do, no other create can connect through narrative, and this is our gift.

So while I complain that Facebook/Twitter/Blogging turns us all into our worst self, the Publicist who needs to be liked, I see beauty in it.

Here we are both on and offline, sharing what we know, how we feel, and what makes us human – even it’s a needy human who secretly checks her Facebook ever 30 minutes to see if you like me.

So, I welcome you to read my words, to judge me, to like or hate, but most importantly to learn.


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