A Love Story (or what I do after break-ups)

27 Mar

Thank you Tragedy

and Joy, which are bound in one being

A sinner savior who has condemned me

To death through regeneration

And I hate the way you sit there

like a cow, calmly chewing on grass

It is a pastoral affair, in a city

of mountainous grim and we were

two beings who believed in love

and were stupid enough to think

that was enough

But when is love ever enough?

In every story there is a beginning

A boy and girl meet in tremendous youth

making an infinite union that will last as

long as life

And the end never comes like a banner

streaming out behind us, and we lead

the battalion of one another; in union

with two different possibilities of person

And when you said the first no

I forgave for the beginning was still before us

but when you said no again I could not move

and I ripped the cloth into pieces, and you saw that

I never thought we could win

And we saw our own propaganda

Which was brilliant

How could we see what we swallowed?

We did not know our own lies for we

loved each other; the mists of feeling

that engulfed us because what else is youth

but a belief in manufactured perception

What else is loss but love?


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