10 Things I Know To Be True

1 Jun

I envy Sarah Key.  Sometimes I ask myself, “Why am I not Sarah Key?” and I’ve only known her for four days.  I know it’s crazy to want to be someone you’ve never met, who you’ve basically only “known” for four days, but I am crazy like that.

Aren’t we all?  Don’t we all encounter someone we admire, even just on the internet, or via TED talk (like how I met Sarah) and think: Why am I not this person?

Why didn’t I scale a mountain, or start a company, or like Sarah, find my vocation at 14?

These lucky, impressive people are here to inspire ‘the normals’ like me, and maybe you.  Knowing that they exist can make life seem pretty overwhelming, and the internet is really to blame – or there’s always Zuckerberg.

However, all envy aside, I’d like to introduce you to the person that I’ve most recently stumbled upon and admire because maybe you’ll feel like me and want to be her friend too…or, at least, want to be her.

Obviously, her name is Sarah Key and she’s a spoken word poet.  Last March she did a TED talk, which started with one of her poems called ‘If I Should Have a Daughter.’

Her words vibrated within me because I hope the same things for my potentially future daughter.   I harbor similar feelings about myself, life and poetry.  I believe in it passionately, its necessity to say the things that regularly structured sentences cannot always say because they are just that – structured.

Sarah said that, “poetry helps me figure things out,” and while this isn’t an exact quote, the sentiment is true.

I turn to words, in stanzas, shouted across rooms.  Words that don’t makes sense to help me arrange and perceive the world around me; to help me break the rules of my mind so I can let the feeling roar out; to pour out my fingers tips, so I’m not left carrying it all around.

So, in the spirit of Sarah and the spoken word, I’m going to tackle the first assignment that she gives her students to trick them into poetry (because people fight against it), and her TED talk follows.

10 Things I Know to Be True

  1. The clutter of my room often symbolizes how cluttered my life is: clean room, calm mind; messy room, total chaos
  2. Awe-inspiring natural beauty is an anecdote to most everyday sadness
  3. For some reason practices that make you most happy can be the ones that are most difficult to integrate into daily life
  4. One of the best things to give yourself is sunscreen; it definitely gives back, if applied properly
  5. It is impossible to live life without conflict but it never feels good
  6. The people you love the most are always the ones who leave scars, but never forget that you probably give them right back
  7. Things you think you’ll remember forever are often forgotten and things that you want to forget are often remembered forever
  8. A phrase that I’ve said one too many times is, “Upon reflection, I probably shouldn’t have done that,” but it’s made for some great stories
  9. We’re always telling each other stories without even realizing it; it’s how we connect, learn and relate to one another
  10. Words can be liars, but they’re what we have, and it’s a life-long journey to make them always communicate your truth


2 Responses to “10 Things I Know To Be True”

  1. cindypratiwi June 1, 2012 at 8:14 am #

    oh yes im a fan of sarah kay as well! 🙂

  2. barbara June 2, 2012 at 12:44 pm #


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