Labor Day Weekend!

3 Sep

Right now I’m in hot and sticky Austin, sitting in a coffee shop, catching up on a few things before I make my way back to the West Coast.

These past few weeks have been full of travel, work and the unfortunate case of laryngitis and the flu, which has impacted my blogging frequency.  However, I’m grateful for this moment of quiet because when I do not blog I miss it.

I didn’t expect to enjoy blogging so much.  This might seem surprising for those who are familiar with my love of writing, but blogging always seemed like having a public, personal diary.  I secretly laughed at those who publicly broadcasted their private thoughts.

Now that I’m one of these people, I can understand the compulsion to share; to have a platform to stand upon, even in the digital.  Especially for me, a writer, I have found the discipline or knowledge that I need to produce content keeps my creative wheels greased, and my writing has been the better for it.

Though the purpose of this post is to share what I’ve taken in over the past two weeks, in a very personal kind of way J:

1)      Being sick as an adult is not nearly as much fun as being sick as a child.  Not that one should ever desire to be ill, but staying home from school with a juice box and your Mom’s chicken soup is something to be desired.   Dragging yourself out of the house to buy your own chicken soup, and then having to work from home when you’d rather be napping is something to avoid.

2)      I love Palm Springs and the Parker Hotel.  I would recommend it to any couple who wants to and can afford to take a luxurious and romantic weekend getaway.

3)      One great thing about having a bunch of friends getting married is going to places that you’d never choose to visit; there is a lot of our large country to see.

4)      Austin reminds me of a Southwestern San Francisco with a bit of LA sprawl, and people actually wear cowboy boots out to the bars; something I might adopt.

5)      Having your car die in the middle of the desert is not as bad as one would think; this is the age of the cell phone.  However, those don’t save you from the awkwardness of having to go to the bathroom behind a cactus.

6)      Everyone with a car needs to be a member of Triple A, seriously.

7)      Time management is absolutely one of the most challenging aspects of life; that and discipline.

8)      My bank account cannot handle all of this traveling, but I don’t regret a minute of it.

Alright, more lofty thoughts for later – hope that all who reads this had a very nice Labor Day weekend!


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