Election Day

6 Nov

Today it’s no surprise that the election is on my mind.  I’m sitting in my cube, trying to ignore the lovely weather, trying to ignore my nails that long to be bitten; for it matters who wins, it sets the tone for our nation, and I want to know how we’ll ring out to the world.

However, since I cannot know that, at least in this moment, I have chosen to remind whoever reads this of how special the right to vote is. I believe we forget this; that unless you’re a white, Christian male blood was shed for you to go the polls today.

Even as I write that sentence it appears surreal to me.  In 2012, it seems incredible that this right wasn’t always given; that it was grabbed at, fought over and stolen; that people martyred themselves so that all citizens could have their voice be heard today – however soft and small.

So, until the sky darkens I will be grateful that I could go to the polls, make my choices and have a say over the structures of my life.


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