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I Hope & Pray For The Stegner

3 Dec

I sit here in the quiet of my empty office on a Friday evening to write my statement of purpose and what I plan to do with this Fellowship.  Like most who sit down to face this task, I am worried that I will not find the right words, or that my words will not be enough to convince you; that my work is mediocre and that I’m not qualified.

However, I’m a big believer in reaching for things that seem beyond reach.  If you evaluate my life, I’m sure you would see this pattern.  A ridiculous belief in what one can do if one just tries, even if it is not successful.

I want this Fellowship because I know my work is not good enough, and needs to be nourished to grow.  My poems need focus, love, time and dedication.  I want to use the fellowship to feed my poems and myself creatively.  I want to walk away with a body of work I can be proud of.

I also want this Fellowship because like most who apply, I didn’t chose this path.  One day sophomore year of High School, while the teacher was speaking of mollusks, I wrote a poem.  It just arrived and told me to write it down and so I did.  That was my beginning.

Also, and probably more importantly, I want to help people liberate their own stories.  I want to show others that poetry is worthy and that it can help them express the things they cannot say but feel.  It is painting with language.  It is breaking open the mind’s structures and creating a mosaic, and I want to become the person who shares this message with others, and makes sure there is always a place for poetry in this twenty-first century world.