Untitled – Poem WIP

6 Jan


I lived in the dark and came into the light.   The blinding, terrifying beam struck me, and so I went back down again, into the earthen mud and coated my face with it.  It was easier to see that way, it was what I had known.  The beam-like waves of illumination moved across the places that were clean.  The little bits of skin I had missed because my fingers trembled when I had stroked my face with dirt, fear, and all that I found comfort in.  Mud-streaked and face-naked, I lifted one arm toward the radiating light and let the heat pass through my fingers, allowing it to burn away the churning inside.


We rise again and again, shooting upward, while the ground tugs at our feet.  We crawl, belly-down through soot because the sky sits heavy on us.  It asks too much; that constant expansion, a remainder we are small.

We drop down because we cannot deny gravity’s demand, and are reduced.  It is easier to live this way.  In the back of our minds we know that giants walk among us; that they throw fire-balls of glory and we think we cannot grow so tall.



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