Hass En Honorarium

7 Feb

I have moved into his Hass; Hass has seduced me
I heard his name whispered in the rafters for years,
And my friend is laughing, she’s asking me,
“How many ways can you rift on words?”

I want to push her knee-deep in clichés, as
The dogs and cats rain around us, but instead
I say, “same song, different tune,” because
I don’t want to explain.

See Hass no one understands you I do,
Who else can hear Shakespeare in Whitman?
(we can his sing songs together)

Who else can frolic through pastoral leaves
that pepper the Vietnamese jungles,
causing colors so Brilliant they remind us
of the Fall.

Tell me,

Who else can fling out Greek odes
that honor the Romans?

No one can.

In my sleep, I dream of monsters standing
Next to my bed, and I think this is why
We are poets because we can see
What others don’t, the inter-connectedness
The criss/cross/crass beat of our nation

And I don’t sleep anymore, but who cares
Who cares, when history reflects back
An identity that we don’t want to own and
When I say, “Czelaw,” only you
Know that the brightness has forsaken my city

Hass, I love you.  I can’t count the ways; there are too many
And please, don’t tell me that today is
No different than a thousand yesterdays
We really are on the same page

Instead dear one, in-between the
Seam of you and me, and the pitter-pat
Of the black cat who lapped up
All the porridge, please,
please be.

Please be the beef that lets us all
Know, “how do you do it so good?”


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