A Haphazard Beginning

17 Sep

I’m sitting here hours before my journey and a few  things just don’t seem right. The space bar on my new, yet crappy, computer doesn’t really seem to work.  I know this will affect my writing ability as it’s a pretty important key.  Also challenging is that the computer I bought is the wrong size.

Upon reflection it occurs to me that the box should have been the tell, and questions such as, “If it is supposed to be a mini why is the box so big?”  Or, “Why didn’t I do my research and buy a non-crappy computer weeks ago?” can’t help but cross my mind.

I don’t have answers to these questions, and I’m trying to ignore them as a sign of my ill-planned journey, but the truth is the whole thing feels somewhat haphazard.

I can’t really envision myself trudging up the Peruvian mountains with a pack that is half the size of me.  Especially because I’ve spent the past few weeks consuming more alcohol than I have the entire year.  Nor do I know how I’m going to get to Cartegena and Medellin, yet these are my chosen beginning destinations.

The only thing I have thus far is a ride from the airport and a place to stay in Bogota- so there’s my beginning.

As for the rest of it, we shall see.


One Response to “A Haphazard Beginning”

  1. Shelby Chobany September 17, 2013 at 1:06 pm #

    Love you Sam!!! Hope you have the best trip!

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