Barcelona – in general

31 May

I’m sitting in front of my hostel on a sunny Barcelona day sipping a cafe sola.  It’s an espresso served in the tiniest cup and it’s what everyone drinks.  Today is the first day I have seen the sun since I’ve arrived, and I’m leaving for Girona this afternoon.  

Girona wasn’t part of my plan, but then a friend of mine connected me to his friends, and now I have a tour guide and a place to stay.  I’d like to explore the area, and I definitely cannot survive another day in Barcelona.  I do not have the stamina.

In the rain, I have to stood for hours to enter the Picasso museum, and was more impressed by the Post-Picasso exhibit.  Accidentally, I went through the museum backwards, and learned about his influence on others before I saw his work.

It is wide and far-reaching, and the African artists who have evolved his style were beyond impressive.

After Picasso I sat by myself in a tapas bar and had a very Spanish lunch.  Small plates of lightly friend squid, an unknown fish and the best patatas bravas I’ve ever had were brought to me.  I sipped wine and chatted with the Brazilian couple sitting next to me.

To my surprise, I am learning that when I tell people I’m conversational in Spanish I’m not lying.  I’m nowhere near fluent, but I speak it constantly with ease and I am understood.

Brazilians have been my friends in Barcelona.  I dined with a Brazilian girl who works for the U.N. in Slovakia and had Catalan friends.  They took us to a terrace bar where we again sipped wine and shivered in the wind.

I went to the beach with two Brazilian men who are living in Germany and they kindly gave me their shirts and umbrella when it started to pour.  I now have plans to visit them in Maines, go wine tasting and experience a Brazilian BBQ in Germany.

I have walked down crooked Spanish streets and felt the colonial romance that exists on every corner.  I have stayed up way too late every night, had too much wine and struggled to awake the next day.

Barcelona has been my beginning and, in my opinion, beginnings are never smooth.  They are shaky and shaded with awkwardness of settling into a new environment.  

So I am looking forward to saying goodbye to my beginning as I make my way toward Girona.




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